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Milko-Pup Supplement


Milko-Pup Supplement


The Milko-Pup Supplement is a nutritious milk replacement for orphaned or rejected puppies and can also be used as a food supplement for growing puppies, geriatric dogs and dogs under stress or convalescing, helping you be the parent your pet is longing for.

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For orphaned, rejected or pups that need additional assistance to give them the nutrients they need.

Milko-Pup milk replacement contains the vital vitamins and minerals and the same proportions of fat and protein as a dog mom’s milk, and may be used as a milk replacer when necessary.

Milko-Pup may also be used as a nutrient for sick or convalescing animals.

Milko-Pup also contains biotin, folic acid and fluoride (required for bone and teeth development) and is high in zinc (adequate amounts of zinc are important for healthy skin and coat).


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