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Efazol Liquid Skin Supplement (250ml)


Efazol Liquid Skin Supplement (250ml)


Nutritional Supplement for skin conditions. EFAZOL is a palatable nutritional supplement containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and zinc known to play an important role in the management of certain skin conditions in dogs.

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Allergic skin disease is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the vet. If you have had a dog with itchy skin you will know how frustrating it is to control, and how debilitating it is for your canine friend.

Allergic skin disease can be caused by many factors including food, fleas, house dust mite, contact hypersensitivities and many other allergens.

The most common symptoms of allergic skin disease are:

• Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin
• Increased scratching
• Itchy back or base of tail (most commonly flea allergy)
• Itchy ears and ear infections
• Paw chewing/swollen paws
• Constant licking and chewing

Allergies such as food allergies, contact allergies and flea allergies are relatively easy to control by removing the offending allergen, for example changing the dog’s diet to a hypoallergenic diet or getting rid of the fleas.

There is however a broad category of allergens that are very difficult to eliminate and these are often the cause of most itchy skins in dogs.

These allergens include:

• Tree pollen
• Grass Pollens
• House dust mite

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are very effective at allowing the dogs body to effectively deal with these allergens and reduce its allergic response. Omega-6 fatty acids prevent the allergens from entering the dog’s body and causing the symptoms of itching, and Omega-3 effectively reduces the body’s immune response thereby reducing the symptoms of itchy skins.

Efazol contains a scientifically formulated blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 to aid in the management of skin conditions that affect dogs, in particular those that result in itchy and inflamed skins. It also contains Zinc which has anti-inflammatory properties as well as Biotin, Vitamin A and Inositol which all aid in restoring health to the skin and coat.

Regular doses will ensure a happy, healthy pet with a shiny coat.


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